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Do you need help with your garage door opener? Champion Garage Doors provides our community with reliable garage door help. We enjoy serving all of our neighbors here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What’s the Difference Between All of These Openers?

It might be a little overwhelming to sort through all of the options when it comes to picking out a new opener. We have put together this little guide to help you out so you can easily see the difference between them all. These are the four main types of openers:

  • Chain drive opener: This is the most common choice for home builders as they are strong, reliable, and affordable. These operate with a chain that rotates on the rail to move the operating mechanism of the door
  • Belt drive opener: These operate just like a chain drive opener but have a belt instead of a chain. These are maintenance free but the belts can wear out unlike a chain
  • Screw drive opener: This opener has a large screw rod that rotates down the rail to move the trolley which operates your door. These require little maintenance
  • Wall mount opener: These are mounted on the wall directly beside your door. There’s no need for overhead hardware and it opens up the vertical space in your garage

How to See Which Opener You Need

If you need an affordable opener and you don’t care about noise level then go with a chain drive opener. If noise is a concern for you then go with a belt drive opener, which provides for nearly silent operation. A screw drive opener is a good choice for heavy lifting needs such as with reinforced doors.

One of the lastest openers is the wall mount opener and while it is the most expensive opener, it also comes with the most features. It is a good choice if you have cathedral ceilings or if you need the vertical space in your garage for storage. They are also the most silent opener on the market since there won’t be any vibration noises coming from the ceiling.

All of the Latest Features Available

We offer everything from a basic opener that simply operates your door to a smart opener, which comes fully loaded with all of the latest features. Here are some of the features available with our openers:

  • MyQ connectivity
  • Homelink
  • Built in wi-fi
  • Battery backup
  • Timer-to-close
  • And more

Give us a call and we can help you see which openers come with the features you want.

Call Today for Help with Your Garage Door Opener

Champion Garage Doors can help you figure out which opener will work best for your needs. We can help you with opener repair or installation of a new opener. For service in Pittsburgh, Pennsalyvia give our team a call today ! 

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